A stress relieving, heart-centering, short training and daily practice for busy people who struggle to meditate.


What if a simple Breathwork practice helped you stay calm and optimistic, connected with your intuitive heart center and it fit into your busy life?

With Your Daily Breather Breathwork Course, there’s no need to feel stressed, overwhelmed or disconnected from the wisdom of your heart.

You’ll learn how to calm your mind and body, build emotional resilience and enhance your intuition in as little as 2 minutes per day.

Learn how a super simple rhythmic breath can quiet your mind, enhance feel-good emotions and stop stress and overwhelm in their tracks.

Does any of this sound like you?
• You’re work/life balance is off, you feel stressed and overwhelmed at work and it overflows into home life
• You want to feel at ease, peaceful and centered
• You’re checked out of your physical body because your mind is often racing
• You’re easily frustrated with the difficult people in your life
• You’re isolated and withdrawn and it’s effecting your mental and emotional health
• You know a meditation practice would be beneficial but you struggle to sit in stillness
• You have a desire to deepen your spiritual connection

What if there was a simple practice that could bring peace and calm to your body, mind, heart and soul that you could practice any time of day for just 2 minutes?

That’s exactly why I created Your Daily Breather. Because I want to help you live a more empowered life by strengthening the connection between your mind and body in order to calm your emotional states in stressful situations.

ONLY $27

In the Your Daily Breather video course...

LEARN: a simple Breathwork practice to calm your emotions and enhance your intuition
PRACTICE: in just a couple minutes per day or whenever stress and anxiety hit
FOCUS: it’s perfect for those who struggle to keep their mind quiet when meditating
INCLUDES: 5 Video Lessons, 4 Guided Audios, Course Checklist, Info Guides and Breathwork Challenge
BENEFITS: regulates your body, mind and soul so you feel less stressed in just minutes



5 Video Training ($100 value)
• Introduction – How your mind and body effects your emotional well-being, physical health, mental clarity and intuition. An opening your heart to connect with the wisdom and intelligence of the heart space. Mary Ellen’s story and how Breathwork helped her connect with her body to process difficult emotions.
• Breathwork and the Nervous system – The science of Breathwork and Fight/Flight/Freeze responses in the body. How the breath helps to regulate the nervous system in order to trigger a calm state in the body. How to get out of survival mode/stress response.
• Heart Coherence Breathing How-To – How to do the heart-centered breath practice to activate a sense of calm and safety.
• Heart Coherence Breathing Practice – 11.5-minute guided practice. Mary Ellen does the practice with you to give you visual cues during the practice.
• Reflection – In a calm state, reflect on your practice. A recap of what happens during the Breathwork practice.

4 Guided Audio Tracks ($30 value):
A series of guided breathwork audio tracks you can download to your phone or computer to practice at any time (do not play while driving or operating machinery). 

• 2x 11.5-minute practices
• 3-minute practice
• 2-minute practice

Printable Resources ($15 value):
• Checklist - to keep you motivated and committed to the entire course and practice after.
• Visual Info Doc - learn about nervous system health and it's relationship to your breath
• Cheat Sheet - a visual reminder of the Breathwork practice steps whenever and wherever you need it

• Somatic Tracking Journal - track the sensations in your body when stress and overwhelm hit in order to recognize stress triggers and make changes to stop stress before it happens
• Breathwork Challenge Commitment and Tracking Sheet - create a healthy habit and stay committed to your wellbeing  

Mary Ellen Flesher

Hi! I’m Mary Ellen Flesher, Transformational Life Coach and Breathwork Facilitator. I’ve coached hundreds of people, just like you, to use the wisdom of their breath and body in order to heal past wounds, create better habits and improve their lives. 

I’ve been passionate about my own personal growth and spiritual development for nearly 30 years. The desire to heal my past emotional wounding and small traumas, and that of my clients, lead me to study mind/body practices like Breathwork and Somatic (body-based) Coaching. Using the breath and body as portals for transformation has helped me access personal power, confidence and joy I never thought possible. 

My passion for healing the world of unnecessary suffering inspired me to create Your Daily Breather Breathwork Course to help you become more resilient under the pressure of modern life, all while strengthening the spiritual center of your heart. My wish for you is that you access the calm, wise place within, let go of stressors and feel more peace and joy in your life.

Julie T.


I have found breathwork to be an incredible tool in my ascension journey. While I have meditated and done breathwork on my own for quite some time, my work with Mary Ellen has taken me to another level. Her gentle, yet powerful, guidance has allowed me to experience a deeper connection with my guides, release held emotions, and the bliss that comes from a direct knowing of Source. The effects are lasting. I highly recommend working with Mary Ellen in any way you can!

Jen B.


My breathwork sessions with Mary have been very expanding for me. After one session I felt energized and it opened up hours of productivity and focus. Another one was completely different, and it felt like, in effect, a therapy session. The rhythm of the breathing and the music combined moved my body in a way that connected so fully with my mind; I had flashes of my week and all the things that were troubling me, those memories created this full connection to them and I felt a release from the anxiety and angst. Afterwards I felt so light and free from the collective grief in the world and felt closer to my compassion for myself and those around me. I am so grateful for what Mary is providing, both her energy and the creation of her sessions.

Callie D.


I am LOVING your breath works, they are really helping me feel more grounded and in my body again. I am actually feeling productive for the first time in a while.

Right now, you may be struggling with…
• the stress and overwhelm of trying to juggle work and home life
• your priorities getting pushed to the bottom of the list because of last minute emergencies
• certain people in your life seem to be getting more challenging
• difficult thoughts and emotions because you're feeling so isolated
• self-care practices because there just isn’t enough time in the day

Imagine this… someone brings yet another problem to your plate for you to fix. You feel your heart begin to beat faster as the sense of frustration and overwhelm takes over and your mind begins to race. 

Today, instead of stressing out, you take a 2-minute “Breather Break” to take care of your own needs for once. You return to the problems at hand with a sense of resilience. You can handle the challenge. Your problems didn’t go away but you’re showing up with a strong sense of leadership that inspires everyone around you.

Sign up now and start practicing "Breather Breaks" to stay centered and connected to your heart in challenging situations.


When does the course start? When do I get access to everything?

The course starts as soon as you sign up! This is a self-paced, instant access, video course. Once you sign up you’ll receive an email with your course log in details and you can begin at any time.

How long do I have access to this course?

Unlimited access to the video course and ability to download and save the Guided Audios and Worksheets.

Is there any 1-1 support?

Individual support is not included in this course. There is however a discuss section on each lesson that you can ask questions of the community.

If you’re looking for additional support other options are available, email to schedule a consultation call.

How much time will this course require?

The video lessons and worksheets will take 1-2 hours total to complete. After that, it’s up to you how often and for how long you practice. It's recommended that you practice at least 2 minutes per day for 30 days to create the habit. The more you practice the more benefits you’ll experience.

What if I can’t meditate?

Great question! For some, quieting the mind with meditation is difficult. Breathwork is different because it gives your mind something to focus on. And the audio tracks in Your Daily Breather will guide you every step of the way, keeping you focused and making the time fly.


Creatives and Change Makers – Are you a creative and/or visionary person who experiences stress, overwhelm and creative blocks? Your Daily Breather will teach you a simple practice you can use anytime you need to spark your creative juices and receive creative downloads.

Spiritual Seekers – Tap into your heart-center and awaken to the intelligence of your heart. When you tune into your breath and body your inner wisdom is heard. Practice Your Daily Breather on a regular basis to hear your inner wisdom and program your cells to feel empowering emotions.

Busy Moms – Moms do you feel overwhelmed by the demands of raising kids, working and taking care of yourself. Your Daily Breather is your opportunity to create a simple, self-care practice that doesn’t take much time out of your day.

Business Professionals – Does your job or business take up most of your waking hours, whether at work or simply thinking about what you have to get done? The stresses of work shouldn’t take over your life. Use Your Daily Breather as a ritual at the end of your work day to trigger your mind and body to leave work at the office.




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Imagine 5 days from now, you're feeling less stressed, more centered and connected to the wisdom of your heart. You learned this Breathwork practice and incorporated it into your daily life and now you have a simple tool to use when ever stress or overwhelm hits. Seriously, taking just a few minutes to practice Breathwork every day can have a profound effect on your emotional and mental wellbeing.

ONLY $27