Stop the cycle of overthinking, stress and overwhelm

Course Summary

Are you tired of the constant mental chatter that's keeping you from enjoying the present moment? It's time to quiet your busy mind and find the peace you deserve.

In this masterclass you'll discover:

• The surprising things you believe are helping but are actually causing more stress
• Three key concepts that will break the cycle of overthinking
• The most powerful and simple practice to quiet your mind and be fully present in just five minutes!

Stop overthinking and become more present, calm and content at work and home.

    Course Curriculum

    Mary Ellen Flesher

    Hi! I’m Mary Ellen Flesher, Transformational Life Coach and Breathwork Facilitator. I’ve coached hundreds of people, just like you, to use the wisdom of their breath and body in order to heal past wounds, create better habits and improve their lives. 

    I’ve been passionate about my own personal growth and spiritual development for nearly 30 years. The desire to heal my past emotional wounding and small traumas, and that of my clients, lead me to study mind/body practices like Breathwork and Somatic (body-based) Coaching. Using the breath and body as portals for transformation has helped me access personal power, confidence and joy I never thought possible. 

    My passion for healing the world of unnecessary suffering inspired me to create Your Daily Breather Breathwork Course to help you become more resilient under the pressure of modern life, all while strengthening the spiritual center of your heart. My wish for you is that you access the calm, wise place within, let go of stressors and feel more peace and joy in your life.

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mary Ellen several times over the last several months and it’s made a huge impact for me. She’s helped me become more aligned with body and mind. Not only is Mary Ellen wonderful at what she does but she is an amazing soul. She exudes such warmth and makes you feel so comfortable when you’re most vulnerable. I’m so grateful to her!

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